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Languages: Arabic (Native)
Interests: Tennis,
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Voluntary Work,
Enrique Iglesias
Egypt "My Country"
Aleandria "My Town (The Best Town)"
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About myself عدل

I always believe that it's very hard for someone to describe himself in words, but I'll give it a try. What I have learned throughout my 20 years in this world, is to be open-minded towards others and to give my best in everything I set out to do.

My name is Ahmed Abd El-Salam Attia, Egyptian Student of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria University. I currently reside in with my mother and my sister in Alexandria, Egypt. I have a lot of goals and ambitions for my life.

I strive to be a good engineering student (as well as a good engineer in the future), in addition to my continuing volunteer work in the places I am currently working for, such as like The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, The American Center, and The Planetarium Science Center. I have a feeling that the sky is my limit, but I am always seeking for more.

About me: 1- Leo Horoscope 2- Paperless 3- Volunteer 4- Cheerful 5- Wikipedia Editor (Wikipedian) 6- Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer 7- Dedication 8- Flexible 9- Passionate about Mechanical / Maritime Engineering

I am the Third one from the Right

And more Sorry For the people I forget them but they are in the heart not the mind

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